Boycott the NFL. Kneel for justice.

Ways To Get Involved

Protest Schedule

  • Hall of Fame Game – Thurs., Aug. 3 Arizona vs. Dallas – 8pm, NBC
  • Sunday September 10th Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys – 8pm., NBC
  • Sunday, Sept. 17 San Francisco at Seattle, 4:25pm, FOX
  • Sunday, Oct. 8 Carolina at Detroit, 1pm, FOX
  • Sunday, Nov. 19 Philadelphia at Dallas, 8:30pm, NBC
  • Monday, Dec. 25 Oakland at Philadelphia, 8:30pm, ESPN
  • Sunday, Dec. 31 Dallas at Philadelphia, 1pm, FOX
  • SuperBowl – February 4th – Minnesota

All Protest will begin 2 hours before the game with tailgate gathering. Email for more info

Networks are listed for you to watch and Kneel During national Anthem.

Latest Protest Video: Canton, OH

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I cancelled my NFL package.

For as long as I can remember, football has been a part of my life. I grew up playing in the streets and back driveways of our west Philadelphia neighborhood every chance the opportunity presented itself. If you were a captain, you were taking the best players for your team and if not, you were hoping you got chosen. “One Mississippi, Two Mississippi”…this was the count before you could rush the quarterback prior to them having had a chance to pass. There are so many of these memories stored in my soul that bring back good feelings.

Many were surprised last year when Colin Kaepernick, a quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers, decided that he would begin kneeling during the national anthem. It was his way of bringing attention to the many injustices he was seeing that affected numerous poor communities of color. He decided to exercise his right to free speech. A right given to each citizen of this country. His protest went the entire season. He followed this up by giving financial support and time to help people affected by the injustices he was bringing attention to with his peaceful protest. This of course started numerous dialogues around the subject and inspired many to follow his example. Colin Kaepernick’s peaceful demonstration brought attention and furthered a long dialogue. He stood in the tradition that Dr. King taught of nonviolent resistance.

Colin became a free agent at the end of the season, which meant he was able to sign with any team of his choice. This is usually a time where athletes find freedom to move to another team if they need a new start or an increase in their income It is also a time where players are rewarded for their action on the field.  This off-season, Colin was not signed by a team. This is odd because he is a decent quarterback that played in the Super Bowl not too long ago. While his playing has not been as good as it was that Super Bowl year, he is not by any stretch the worst QB out there. We have seen Quarterbacks with far less potential and skill signed which has left me and others to wonder if he is being "punished" for his protest last season. A protest that many saw as un-American and disrespectful. I am one who watches way to many football shows, listens to sports radio, gets excited about the draft, and laments the end of the season each year. I know football. This is not a football decision. It is a decision to not sign a person with whom you think dishonors your country. This is wrong in my opinion. So, after almost 15 years of enjoying Sunday ticket where I can see every game, every Sunday. I cancelled my package and will boycott the NFL for its owners’ blatant disrespect of a person’s free speech.

We all have the right to protest peacefully. In a country where known racist like the KKK have the freedom to demonstrate without worrying about their careers being threatened, I am appalled at the behavior of these 32 owners.   I PROTEST!

To the veterans that have given their lives for me to be able to peacefully protest in this country, I thank you. To the families who have lost loved ones protecting our 1st amendment right, I thank you. To those serving today standing for our freedom to disagree peacefully, I applaud you and feel shame that these owners disgrace your work by their un-American actions.  I HONOR FREEDOM!